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When you need a boundary survey to determine if structures on a property are as described in the deed; to determine property lines prior to building or buying; or to lay out individual building lots in a subdivision,
call Peter Offermann Land Surveying, PLLC.


With over 25 years of experience as a land surveyor in New York State, you can be sure that Peter Offermann will handle your project, large or small, with personal attention and professional ethics.




Meet Peter Offermann

As a licensed surveyor in New York State with more than 25 years surveying experience, Peter Offermann, P.L.S. offers commercial surveying services in a wide range of areas such as real estate transactions, construction staking, land development and mitigation plans, subdivision design and plotting, and utility and pipeline surveys.


In addition to experience and professional qualifications, Peter Offermann Land Surveying, PLLC provides data collection services that demonstrate attention to detail and an understanding of real-world situations.


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